The Talk Scheme

Late January 2018, sitting in a bus station, I got chatting to an elderly woman. A widow, she travelled out twice a week to play bingo with her friends and when my bus arrived, apologised for speaking to me. Surprised, I told her not to be silly, but this indeed got me thinking.

How about instead of letting the art of conversation die away, we bring it back?      And bring it back we shall.

All with a simple accessory.

Wearing your badge will not only promote talking in general but as word spreads, should help show that wherever you are, no matter the look you may wear upon your face, you are willing and open to hold a conversation with a stranger. Likewise, if you’re someone who often finds themselves out and about alone, the badge should do it’s job and encourage others to strike a chat with you!

From each sale, 20p will go back to a charity linked to the work this scheme encourages. Periodically, this will change and right now it’s AgeUK.

Badges are £1.50 each, 50p extra for postage, please email to purchase through PayPal, direct bank transfer or for any more information. Alternatively message us on any of our social medias – @thetalkscheme FB, TW & Instagram.

Buy It. Wear It. Speak It.